PIN/Wireless Model Shower Timer

PIN/Wireless Model Shower Timer

This shower controller is suitable for domestic use but requires access to the water pipe serving the shower.

PIN Timer with power and s/valve for use in Australia $250

  • Allows you to set a different shower time for each user (max 10 PINs). A 5 digit PIN number activates the shower for the time duration allocated to that user.
  • Only one shower is allowed in a 24 hour period for each PIN number, unless you activate a special one.
  • One minute before the time expires, the hot water is cut off for one second giving the user adequate warning before the shower cut off.
  • Wireless (radio) connection for easy installation.


In order to fit the solenoid valve (electrically operated water switch), you must have access to the hot water pipe serving the shower and you may need a plumber to cut that pipe and fit the valve. The 24Volt AC power pack is located near the s/valve so you may need to run an extension cord from the nearest power point. The keypad (pictured) is easily installed in or near the bathroom. It is a standard power fitting (80 x 120 mm) and will screw to a standard backing plate. No wires are necessary here as it contains a radio transmitter. 5 metres of data cable is provided to hard wire the keypad to the solenoid valve if required but very easy wireless connection is a standard option. Programme the user PINs and times and they are ready to shower (economically).