Cost Savings

The Cost of Showering

Most showers, at a comfortable temperature (40°C), will deliver water at more than 12 litres per minute. At a comfortable temperature, that heated water can cost more than 15¢ per minute. Shower Timer can be used in conjunction with a water saving shower head to save on both time and flow rate.

The heating energy required to provide a comfortable temperature depends on the ambient temperature and the energy source used (gas or electricity, natural or liquid petroleum gas, full tariff or off-peak, solar power etc.).

A 12 minute shower with a flow rate of 12 litres per minute heated by electricity from 10°C will normally cost more than $1.50 in an Australian city location. Shower Timer can halve this cost.

Find out below approximately how much you can save per year:

Six Minutes to Save

Most people spend much more time than necessary under the shower. The family average time is often more than 12 minutes. Six minutes is generally more than adequate. Shower Timer can limit each shower to six minutes duration.

A family paying $1.50 for each of 5 (12 minute) showers daily will save around $1400 per annum in water and heating costs by installing a Shower Timer set to 6 minutes.

Under the same conditions, a family having only 3 daily showers will recover the purchase and installation of a Shower Timer in around 4 months. After this time they will be saving over $800 every year.

More information on calculating your own potential savings is available on our Savings Calculator page.