Save Water and Energy

This is not just another timer ... it's an effective controller !

The water is cut off after which an immediate follow on shower is prevented. You choose the shower time and the shower prevention time. Shower Timer saves queues, water and gas or electricity. Even teenagers can be trained to shower in a few minutes!

  • Shower Timer supplied world wide. See Purchase page
  • Shower Timer provides five models to choose from. See Product page for details
  • Shower Timer allows you to select and set the shower time and shower prevention time (between showers)
  • Shower Timer has two models suitable for Commercial installation such as caravan parks and Backpackers.
  • Shower Timer is user friendly with time progress reporting
  • Shower Timer continually tells the user how much time is left (visually and audibly)
  • Shower Timer overcomes queuing and delays in the busy shower hour
  • Shower Timer helps preserve our environment
  • Shower Timer saves water and gas or electricity
  • Shower Timer saves money
  • Shower Timer lets you decide how long is long enough