The Shower Timer

Lets you decide how long is enough Shower Time!

Clear visual indications and warning beeps are provided. After the allocated time has expired, the water is cut off. An immediate follow on shower is blocked for a set time. You choose the settings for shower time and block time. Shower Timer saves queues, water and gas / electricity. Teenagers can be trained to shower quickly & efficiently! Avoids squabbling and delays in any busy shower hour.

  • is manufactured by an Australian Company established in 1984 as a supplier to the plumbing trade.
  • has been developed over many years of sales and real world testing.
  • has been sold to thousands of satisfied customers.
  • carries a 12 Month warranty for domestic applications.
  • is backed up by local service and we are here to help.
  • is a fully serviceable product that will keep working for years on end.
  • is simple to operate and user-friendly, with time progress reporting.
  • provides five models to choose from to suit different needs.
  • offers two models for Commercial installation such as Caravan Parks and Backpackers.
  • saves water and energy.
  • helps reduce our environmental impact.
  • is presented to you by an environmentally responsible company. We are proud to play a part in reducing carbon emissions and water consumption.
  • pays for itself, quickly. A great investment.
  • allows you to take control of the shower easily and without fuss.