Frequently Asked Questions / Trouble Shooting

Is the timer suitable for gravity feed hot water?

Showertimer is not recommended for use with unequal hot and cold water pressure. The taps can be left turned on which may allow the high pressure water to feed back into the low pressure line causing problems. Gravity fed hot water is only suitable if the cold water is also gravity fed.

In the event of a commercial power failure, do I need to re-set the shower and waiting times when the power is restored?

No! The settings that you select will hold permanently regardless of how long the power is off.

How much electricity does the shower timer consume?

It consumes less than 10 Watts. 50 showers of 6 minutes each cost less than one cent in total. When not in use, it consumes less than 2 Watts which is less than a microwave oven on standby. That costs about 6 cents per week, for which it provides an adequate bathroom light.

The wall outlet is female

Possible solution: If it is ¾” BSP (25mm diameter thread), fit a brass ¾” x ½” BSP male/male adaptor. If it is ½” BSP (20 mm diameter thread), we can supply a “special order” solenoid valve to suit. An Australian type of shower arm/rose will be necessary.

The display does not light up when power connected

Probable cause: Check that the power is connected and that the polarity is not reversed. The centre of the power plug should be 12 Volts +ve in relation to the sleeve.
Solution: Remove the plug from its 2 pin socket on the cord, reverse it and connect again.

Poor water flow from the shower

Probable cause: The filter in the solenoid valve may be clogged.
Solution: Remove the shower and test water flow. If it is still poor, remove the timer box. Unscrew the solenoid valve and inspect the mesh filter inside the input. Try backflushing the valve with water to clean out the blockage. No power connection is necessary. If that fails, pull out the filter with a fine wire hook. Clean and refit it. Investigate the source of the impurities.

Water drips out of the bottom of the timer box

Probable cause: The solenoid valve has not been installed properly.
Solution: Urgently remove the shower timer and the solenoid valve, re-install and test in accordance with the installation instructions. Damage to the electronic components is not covered by warranty under these circumstances.

If any problems remain unresolved, please contact:

Aquaflow Distributors
(08) 8177 1118