Economy Model Shower Timer

Economy Model Shower Timer

This shower controller is designed as a handyman installation not requiring licensed tradesmen. There is no interference with the water pipes. We recommend that the power be permanently connected to the unit but existing power points such as that used for a ceiling fan can be used without the need or an electrician.

Economy Model Timer only — $160 With power and valve for use in Australia $230

Suitable where the user is easily identified and therefore vandalism is unlikely. Private homes, hotel/motels, on site cabins at camping parks. Provides shower control for teenagers, overseas students, inconsiderate guests, rain water conservation.

  • Operation identical to standard unit
  • Less expensive than heavy duty unit
  • White polycarbonate box
  • Glass reinforced nylon solenoid

Note: Where it is possible to access the hot and cold water pipes, we recommend our Standard unit for both Domestic and Commercial use. The shower head is not supplied. You can usually use your existing one with the shower timer or save more with a water saving shower head!